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Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety graphic

“I can’t get my mind to stop over thinking…it’s exhausting!" 


“I need to control what’s going to happen or I feel even more anxious”


“I worry about sickness and monitor where I go and what I eat constantly”


I’m guessing you have discovered, this type of worry does not solve any problems?


Perhaps you feel obliged to worry as a way of stopping your worrying?

Here are some of the most common issues I work with.

Emetophobia: ​Fear of vomiting.

Mageirocophobia: Fear of Cooking.

Cibophobia: Fear of food.

Neophobia: Fear of new foods.

Phonophobia: Fear of loud noises.

What happens during a treatment for anxiety session?

Establishing rapport is essential as this builds trust. 

You'll learn to recognise your thought patterns and behaviours that lead to anxious feelings, you'll work to gain a different view of your worries, enabling you to have more choices and more flexibility.


As we peel away the layers of anxiety and worry, you may find yourself judge less and gain more compassion for yourself and your experiences


The need for anxiety or worry can lessen overtime, often unconsciously, enabling you to explore alternative reactions or explore new possibilities for yourself.


What does Annette say about the treatment?

It is always the client that does the work, the more dedicated the client is, the greater the results. I am merely the guide offering support and therapy with compassion through your treatment.


All clients have a number of treatments, some choose to continue on with more treatments, knowing they can use their treatment as a way of processing for greater clarity, either is fine, it depends on each individual. 


I often observe client’s realising their old reactions were not helpful, some are astounded on how they reacted.   


Everyone is different and may experience different results  


Books may be recommended or homework to help integrate the treatment. 


Anxiety is treated differently to trauma If you are unsure of which treatment to book, choose any, we can discuss the best treatment for you during your consultation.

Remote and Virtual sessions.

I see clients from Europe and Australia, and who live some distance away in the UK including those who cannot easily travel. If you would like to discuss how talking therapy or any other treatment, I offer might help you, you’re welcome to contact me. I am here to help.


The therapy was hard at first then manageable and not too overwhelming. I can deal with things now; I feel inspired with work and not been like that for so long, if ever. Never felt so connected to my emotions. You just don’t know how good you can feel. The brain tricks you until you have therapy, you literally just don’t know how good you can feel. I also learnt it’s good to do things for myself. I now know how to say no and how to look after myself. I feel happy again with myself and my family.

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