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Hearing you’ve undiagnosed fertility issues can be overwhelming if you are  planning to have a family. The shock of requiring IVF or therapies or therapy, can feel very upsetting or daunting at first.  It can be hard to contain emotions, just seeing other people with their new babies can be heart breaking. Friends and relatives may not fully understand the sense of loss and grief that can be felt.


Undergoing fertility treatments is stressful, offering both hope and anxiety in equal measures. Some like to make sense of what is happening by talking about it, some feel more in control by having therapy or therapeutic treatments.

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What Annette says about infertility

I have been helping people with undiagnosed fertility issues since 2003, and in that time I have helped countless couples on every aspect of the subject from being unable to ovulate or conceive, pregnancy planning, IVF treatments and support and going full term; including adoption.


I have seen clients from the age of twenty three to forty or more.


Each session involves a thorough consultation where thoughts and feelings can be freely expressed. This will evolve into a Personal Treatment Plan and I aim to do all I can to support you on your journey, including the use of Talking Therapies if you so desire.

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"Hi Annett,

Just wanted to say thank you for today. I wasn't sure what the session would involve but you instantly put me at ease and gave me some very useful advice. I'm looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks' time."

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