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Reflexology drawing

Laying fully supported on a couch, your lower legs are briefly massaged first. During reflexology pressure points are worked to specific areas on the foot, some clients say they can feel where I am working in their body.   

I often make my own reflexology cream and blend essential oils to suit your specific needs.

Over the years of working on feet and doing numerous courses, I seem to have gained much experience in easing tension that causes Morton’s Neuroma and Plantar Fasciitis, along with other foot discomforts. Helping you to move and walk more comfortably, I may also give specific stretches for your specific needs. 

I am certified to give therapeutic treatments, including reflexology, to those being treated for cancer. This is a very popular treatment while going through cancer treatments and enables some clients to completely zone out.

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What Annette says about Reflexology

With gentle pressure is applied to specific areas it is a very relaxing and calming treatment. Sometimes I will work on the whole foot, other times specific areas, all depending on your specific needs. Studies indicate that reflexology may help towards reducing pain 

and psychological symptoms, such as depression and anxiety. It certainly enhances relaxation and aids sleep for many, which most certainly helps.

During the consultation, a very important part of the treatment, I listen to the client’s aches & pains, restrictions or why they have chosen the treatment.


Where necessary I do an assessment to assess how the client is holding themselves and how they move, this gives me great insight on how and where I might work to achieve the greatest benefit.


Common questions about reflexology

Why do some people choose reflexology?

Clients say this gives them their regular ‘top up’ to feeling balanced. A few clients like to chat during the treatment and reflexology makes this easy to do. It is also a popular choice for PCOS, fertility and menopause support.


This is a popular choice when laying down would be too uncomfortable, due to restrictions or health reasons.

What happens during a consultation?

During the consultation, a very important part of the treatment, I listen to your feelings and assess the aches and pains you might mention, and make appropriate assessments. This gives me great insight on how and where to work, for you to have a greater beneficial feeling.

Can problems be detected through reflexology?

I do find it fascinating how much can be felt on the foot that corelates to the body. Interestingly, some clients are aware, where I am working on their foot, as they feel it in their body, the link between your body and feet is so very interesting.

Reflexology during radiation therapy and chemotherapy

At present, there is a small amount of scientific evidence to prove some benefits of reflexology.  There is much anecdotal evidence from many clients undergoing treatment during radiography and chemotherapy that they felt better for having it. It is therefore difficult to know how to judge results, but it is clear that manipulation of the feet is very relaxing and can help enormously with those on such a challenging journey, many gain calmness and clarity during and often, for some time after their session.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrom

Your first port of call should be a doctor, but after that I am happy help.


I have been working with clients experiencing PCOS for many years and I have often achieved reassuring results.

The Menopause
and reflexology

I have often treated people with reflexology to help them deal with their menopausal symptoms.


Many clients have been having treatments with me for several years, and they tell me it helps with their aches and pains.


They often say how much better they feel in comparison with their friends who are not having any therapeutic treatments.


"I've been going to see Annette Rainbow for probably three years now. She is an incredible therapist for both the mind body and soul. Whether you want to learn more about yourself, get rid of old habits which are holding you back, enjoy head and face massage, reflexology or a deep tissue massage, grow as a person, get help overcoming any challenges in life such as redundancy, setting up a new business, stop smoking, lose weight, overcome boredom and lack of enthusiasm for life. Literally anything which is getting on your wick and no longer has a purpose in your life, this is the lady to see."

"It really is not only okay, but a really good thing to do something for yourself."

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