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Jan Harvey


When Jan Harvey initially came to me it was for the massages she loved so much. We had met at a networking event and we just clicked. Jan was working in publishing and was a very busy lady. Then, in a freak accident, she suffered a serious blow to the head and her life changed. She had just been made redundant which was hard for her, but the truth was she could not continue to work with the symptoms from which she was suffering.

Jan had four crucifying headaches which she experienced daily. One across her forehead, another in the temples, pain in the base of her neck and the one she called ‘The Bear.’ She said it was like having a bear’s paw pressing down on her scalp. All four come at different times of day and were intense and painful. In addition, she suffered tiredness, vertigo, ‘white outs’ and spent a lot of her day in bed.

Jan Harvey Author

Jan had seen a consultant neurologist who had told her to take as many painkillers as she could cope with and to rest a lot.

For such a high-flyer Jan was brought very low and life was unbearable. Driving anywhere was exhausting and concentrating on anything from reading to writing was all but impossible.

I immediately assessed that Jan needed neck and back massage, but I knew there was no instant fix. The problem had to be unravelled, like tangled string. I also needed to refer Jan, so she saw a physiotherapist who performed cranial sacral therapy on her. This opened up her neck and that gave me the opportunity I needed to work on the shoulders and head.

After a year of monthly treatments we still could not get to the root of the problem. The Bear headache was unbearable for Jan and I consulted a Bio-mechanic, Alan Gordon for advice. He came to see Jan and assessed her. He gave her a series of exercises to do, including one to loosen the muscles in her back.

These were life changing. The tight muscles in Jan’s back were the root of the problem. Once I knew this we could really get to work.

It took eight years in the end. Like many head injuries, it was deep-seated and very difficult to pinpoint. That string was not only tangled, but full of knots. Slowly Jan recovered and this whole incident led to a new career for her. She began research for a book and then, before I knew it, she was inviting me to be one of the first readers of her novel, The Seven Letters. Apart from feeling honoured to be a ‘first reader’ I thoroughly enjoyed the book and was delighted to come across the character named after me!

It’s been a long journey, head injuries are complicated and difficult to treat. I have helped Jan every step of the way and I am so pleased that finally her head injury is healed. It was definitely a team effort and also, in a way, Jan needed to lose her job! Without her redundancy neither The Seven letters, or her second wonderful novel, The Slow Death of Maxwell Carrick would have been written. In the latter the hero, Carrick, has a head injury and it is vividly described as you might imagine. Sadly, as was so often the case in times past, he has no one to help him and no sympathy from those around him.

Jan's Testimonial

I am very lucky indeed to know Annette. When I had my head injury in 2011 I felt written off by the medical profession. I was given anti-depressants and pain- killers, but to no effect. Head injuries are not visible so its very difficult for people to understand what you are going through, but Annette took me under her wing immediately and was the listening ear I so desperately needed. She assessed me and began work, making a real difference in small increments. At times the symptoms were unbearable, but Annette never ceased in her sympathy and understanding. As it all eased and I began work on my book, Annette encouraged me every step of the way. She gave me much needed moral support and advice, and she boosted my confidence no end. Without Annette I would still be very ill and it is not an exaggeration to say she saved me when the traditional medical world did not know what to make of me. I send a lot of people to Annette because she is always the answer; she’s a rare gem.

Jan Harvey

Jan Harvey
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Ben Smith

Marathon Man

In addition to the long list of achievements,  Ben was supported by so many people that he lost count. Many of his followers gave him a bed for the night, fed him, paid his fuel etc. He was provided for at every level.

Ben ran in sun, wind, rain, through floods, thunder, snow, ice and with a seriously injured back.


Paula Radcliffe and Steve Cram both wrote an uplifting foreword for his first book. They became, and still are, very good friends.


Why run?


Ben wanted to run because he wanted be free from his bullies and past stresses. He also wanted to help other people.



How did Annette get involved?


I saw a little advert on Facebook announcing that a man was planning to run four hundred and one marathons and needed a massage each day. It occurred to me immediately that I could help with that. I began following Ben on facebook and supported him as he was setting up the 401 Challenge.


I massaged Ben after his 80th marathon in Oxford and after his 397th marathon in Salisbury, I wanted to massage him at the beginning and at the end of his epic journey.


After his 80th Marathon Ben greeted me with a big hug, then he bought me a cuppa and we chatted. He thanked me profusely for all the messages I sent on Facebook. He told me he appreciated them particularly in his early days, when he ran alone and was often in pain. He told me that my positive and encouraging messages ran through his head and kept him going.

Marathon Man

Ben ran 401 marathons in 401 days

Ben raised over £330,000 during his 401 Challenge (1 September 2015 – 6 October 2016)

He ran 10,506.2 miles in 309 different UK locations in UK 

Ben visited 101 schools giving motivational talks

Something in the order of 13,500 people ran alongside him 

Ben notched up 2,145:58.58 hours, just running 

He burned 2.4 million calories 

Ben wore out 23 pairs of trainers 

The 401 Challenge gained a whopping 36 million Facebook impressions

Ben climbed 439,637 feet which is 15 times the height of Mount Everest

Sports outlets donated new trainers

Ben spoke at local many BBC radio stations en route 

Ben won the Helen Rollason Award at the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2016

Ben won twelve national and international awards 

I gave Ben a very light massage, because he had literally given his body a beating and he didn’t need me beating it up too! He said it was lovely to leave the massage couch feeling neither heavy or tired after the treatment. I said it was like a “whisper,” in that I had whispered to his body and convinced it to recover; he liked that concept.


I left him a letter to read and £41.00 for his food or fuel. As he progressed through the 401, he experienced more and more pain, but little did anyone suspect that he had actually fractured in a vertebra.

In addition to all of the above Ben was supported by so many people that he lost count. Many of his followers gave him a bed for the night, fed him, paid his fuel etc. He was provided for at every level.

Ben ran in sun, wind, rain, through floods, thunder, snow, ice and with a seriously injured back.


Paula Radcliffe and Steve Cram both wrote an uplifting foreword for his first book. They became, and still are, very good friends.

Ben's Testimonial

Annette is simply put, one of those people that genuinely want to help, support and make you feel as good as you possibly can. She has a nature about her that is just so understanding and is able to make you feel like a new person when you walk out of her treatment room. Annette supported me during a large scale adventure I did in 2015/16, her calming personality and skills led to one of the best massages I had throughout the challenge and trust me I had quite a few! Thanks Annette, you are simply put, wonderful!"

Hope this is ok mate, truly are blessed to know you... x

Ben Smith

Ben Smith
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Emma Gibbard

Channel Swim

At 01.27 hours on 21st September 2016, Emma began her swim of the English Channel. At 21.46 hours Emma completed it in triumph. She swam 42.07 nautical miles or 77.09 km (47.9 miles). The tide caused her to drift that meant she was unable to do the direct route of 21 miles.

Early on Emma’s training she tore her upper arm muscles, which affected her performance at times. Each of the treatments I gave Emma was as important as it made a noticeable difference to her mobility. I was able to recommend Bowen from the outset. However, Emma trusted massage and chose to stick with it and I can understand that. I fully respected her decision, even though I was convinced Bowen would have been of far more benefit to her.

Emma Gibbard

Emma’s journey revealed many emotions that would peak and fall at each stage. Sometimes the consultation gave her a platform to vent or say something about what was holding her back. This meant she was able to release emotions before a treatment.


One thing that was very apparent with Emma, as with Ben Smith from 401, is the focus and the determination to achieve no matter what. The background story to their challenge was far greater than anything they suffered physically, no matter how much discomfort they endured.

Ruth Langsford

With the weather forecast predicting a storm on the date of Emma’s channel swim,  it was bought forward. Quite suddenly, we had only three treatments left so I suggested once more that Emma had Bowen and this time she agreed! After her first Bowen treatment she said it had made a huge difference. Afterwards, Emma said the only pain she experienced during her phenomenal swim was a cramping in her calf, her shoulders and arms had done her proud.

Unbelievably, having supported Emma and Ben for quite some time, Emma’s Channel Swim day and Ben’s 397th massage was in the same week! For me it felt very symbolic and was so wonderfully emotional, it is a week I will remember forever.

Helping Emma in her journey and working with her towards this huge personal challenge was easy for me, in no small part because Emma is such a wonderful woman. I have to say that just being in her presence is a true gift and I can truthfully say that I am extremely grateful that I was part of Emma’s team.

Emma's Testimonial

Since I began this journey I have met some inspirational and generous people.  These are people who have given me their time, services, knowledge and experience, all for nothing. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. Annette Rainbow has been amazing. I saw her for wonderful massages and Bowen treatment for many, many weeks.


At the first meeting with Annette she said she would see me regularly, for free, and I was to accept this as her way of helping me. This didn’t sit well with me and we agreed on a fee. At the end of the course of treatments Annette presented me with a cheque for all the money I had paid her. She told me she knew I would not accept being treated for free so she had saved all my money and donated it. I would like to thank Annette very publicly, and tearfully, for such an amazingly wonderful and generous gesture. The money will go towards a final payment for my pilot and a donation to Alzheimer’s Society.

Emma Gibbard

Emma Gibbard
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Self Esteem

People that feel they’ve low levels of self-esteem, may reinforce their beliefs by telling themselves repeatedly, that they are not good enough. They constantly compare themselves unfavourably to others, imagining that other people are far more clever/ talented/successful and there is just no point trying to keep up.


To feel more worthy and successful we benefit from remembering our past accomplishments. In the case of people feel they’ve low self-esteem, past successes mean very little and they focus on what went wrong, no matter how insignificant.


What a difference it would make if we stopped, to congratulate ourselves on each day’s accomplishments, large or small. It’s all too easy to see the failures and dwell on them. 

Maybe you made someone a cheering cuppa or caught the bus in time, or completed a task on time. No one really fails at everything; we can become more tuned into what we do achieve.


Luckily, we humans are programmed to enjoy praise and reward so, maybe, you could praise and reward yourself a little too. 


Perhaps make a note of everything you succeed at each day for a week. It may feel silly at first and you may think ‘what’s the point?’ but the end of the week you will look over your accomplishments and see how they benefitted you. I bet you will be surprised at the results.


Some people have grown up in an environment where nothing was praised or rewarded. I see many clients who simply cannot see them. It is a privilege to help people work through their feelings, enabling them to feel regenerated in confidence and have a better well-being.

Low Self Esteem
Self Esteem
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Back Pain

Back pain is something I see lots of, and having had acute back pain once myself, I've full empathy to anyone with it.

I know how vulnerable it can make you feel. 

Back pain is something I see lots of, and having had acute back pain once myself, I've full empathy to anyone with it! I know how vulnerable it can make you feel! 


Here’s some things that helped me until I had treatments to ease the pain 


* While washing face, body or brushing teeth - I avoided unnecessary bending forward or reaching


* I couldn’t bend at my waist, I had to keep my back in a neutral position to keep stress off my back


* When I did need to bend,  (rarely due to pain) keeping my back neutral I put one leg behind me then bent forward ever so slightly

Back Pain

* Most find it better to not lay on the painful side, this really helped me too


* I needed to hold on to something to get on and off the toilet, or when sitting down, if there was nothing to use, I used a walking stick


* Smaller steps are not only better, I found it far more comfortable 


* It was suggested I drink water, apparently, you'll be surprised how many times dehydration plays a part


* Perhaps have treatments minimum of 2 times a year, every year to keep your back happy! Some of my clients like a monthly or bio monthly treatment, especially if they've a job or activities that aggravate things. 


* I'm a big fan of Bowen, I've seen countless times where it’s helped greatly by this gentle , yet effective treatment.


If you’ve sudden and acute back pain and lost control of your bladder or bowel or cannot go, you may need medical urgent assistance. Please call 111 or 999 ask the professionals if you need help, let them decide.


You’re welcome to contact me if you’d like to book an appointment or have any questions.

Back Pain
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Difficult Relationships

Are you in a relationship that is frightening?

Do you feel the need to protect yourself and/or your family?

Do you keep yourself behind closed doors to avoid other people in case they see what is happening?

Do you try to justify your partner’s behaviour to family and friends?

Do you justify things by telling yourself that it’s your fault, or feel unworthy?

Perhaps you don’t dare to talk about it, in fear you feel it is true.

Many people that live with in an abusive relationship, may experience, shouting, name-calling, chilling stares, lie’s, intimidation and perhaps physical abuse on a daily basis. Sometimes it’s behind closed doors, but it can take place in front of family, friends and colleagues too.

Abuse and control can also be financial deprivation withdrawn food,  enforced behaviours,

An abuser very often operates according to his/her own rules and they are quite different to those they apply to their victim.

Does this sound like your relationship?

In therapy I can help you to become aware what is going on, having awareness is key. Then you can start to slowly rebuild yourself; confidence and strength to. I can help you to learn how you can be stronger to find your inner purpose and explore what you choose to explore thereafter.

If you are very frightened and the threat is severe, please ask for help, perhaps speak the police if appropriate.

I have helped men and women, deal with bulling, abuse and control for many years now. You are welcome to contact me, for a no obligation consultation. 

Difficult Relationship
Difficult Relationships
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