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Having experienced a natural birth myself, with no pain relief at all, I just used my own inner focus and calmness; therefore, it is an absolute joy to support women wanting a quieter calmer birth, however your birth will be.


Also with my knowledge of the muscles, I can suggest ways to sit and move for a more comfortable you as the weeks go by.

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What Annette says about Hypnobirthing

A midwife told me she can always tell when a woman has learned hypnobirthing. The mother-to-be will arrive at the maternity unit ready to give birth. She will have stayed at home for longer, which means she will arrive much closer to the moment of birth. She will be calmer, more focussed and much more centred and as a result, she is less reliant on staff because she understands what is happening.


There can be a great deal of fear around the birth process, some parents find it all overwhelming. We work together to resolve these issues; I give you reassurance, my knowledge and support that is so often absent. A woman’s body is designed to give birth, and remember all types of birth are wonderful.

Positive affirmations are sent to you weekly. You will learn breathing techniques and self-hypnosis.

A body assessment will be done and I will suggest positions that may be of benefit to you. Simple, self-massage techniques for during labour are also discussed, along with ways to cope when you are feeling overwhelmed.

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You will also receive recordings so that you can listen to them at any time you choose.

All hypnotherapy and hypnobirthing work is specifically tailored at each session for you and your specific needs. So it really is a unique package just for you and your baby.

I offer the following hypnobirthing sessions

A one-off, half day, individual session.

Four sessions or group sessions, meeting weekly.

The best time to start hypnobirthing is around 30 to 32 weeks. This gives expectant parent plenty of time to absorb the process and prepare fully.


I found I could just relax my jaw and teeth, I was able to notice my breathing all the time. I focused on that flower, it’s colour, the shape and where it was. I could see everything that was in the hypnotherapy and it kept me relaxing where and when I needed to. I was blown away by the reminders I received through my pregnancy and after, that was a lovely surprise. It helped my partner as he felt better as I felt better. I’d recommend everyone has hypnobirthing as its so relaxing and reassuring.

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