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About Me

All About  Annette Rainbow
About Annette

Hello and welcome to my website.


Please feel welcome to get to the work I do and how I may be able to help you. 


Compassion is at the centre of all that I do.  


I have a warm cosy cabin, with a log fire, (electric,) soft soothing lamps and lighting. 


On a summer's day, the stable door can be opened, enjoying the view of lush green trees in my secluded garden.


There is a comfortable chair for talking therapy and a luxurious heated couch to fully relax on during your treatments. Fluffy cotton warm blankets, plentiful warm pillows and a bank of aromatherapy oils adds to your relaxing experience.


I practice in Minster Lovell, just outside the Cotswolds, near Witney and Burford in West Oxfordshire. Parking is available outside the property. 


Ninety-five per cent of my clients come from word-of-mouth. Some clients book sessions for the entire year and others travel a great distance to see me.  


I provide a wide variety of treatments for all ages.

This is due to extensive, continuing training and a passion for helping you and all my clients.


I offer a selection of “hands on” treatments, Bowen and Trigger Point being the most popular hand on treatment, and seems to have many benefits for many clients of all ages, currently the youngest; three days old and eldest 96 years old. 


I offer a wide selection of talking therapy treatments. And use which is best for each individual client and each individual session. Homework is given where appropriate, which my clients welcome. 


If you’ve any questions or would like to book an appointment, you’re welcome to contact me.


I look forward to perhaps meeting you soon.



Annette Rainbow 

Location Map


Annette Rainbow,Charterville Close,Minster Lovell,WitneyOX29 0SL

The Treatment Cabin

The Therapy Cabin

Annette Rainbow's Treatment Cabin

A secluded and spacious wooden cabin, sits quietly at the edge of a tranquil and spacious garden.


Looking out on to luscious evergreen trees, the birds often sing outside, giving a sense of calmness within.


There’s a log effect fire for warmth and comfort 


A great supportive chair welcomes each client and there’s a fully adjustable couch to suit all needs


A parking space outside is reserved for each client.

"Today I experienced a massage which was absolutely fantastic in every way, with a lovely setting in a very attractive log cabin"


Please read all of this disclaimer notice before using this website

Annette Rainbow will assume that you have read and understood the content of this disclaimer notice prior to booking an appointment, undergoing a consultation or reading any of the content published on this website. 

Testimonials, descriptions or examples on this website have been provided by clients or used in research, in total confidence. These are examples only and are not intended to guarantee that anyone will experience the same or similar results. 

Every effort has been made to describe correctly the treatment or sessions and their possible benefits. Any type of therapy requires total commitment from the client and their willingness and dedication. There is no way to guarantee results because everyone is different and may experience different results.

Following a treatment Annette will, for example, advise on adopting an appropriate posture, performing exercises, carrying out activities or modifying behaviours that will support the change that the client desires. She strongly advises that clients make the necessary changes to enhance the treatments. 

Each appointment with Annette includes a thorough consultation and usually advice on aftercare that is intended to provide the client with the best outcome. Any statements on this website are intended to give clients an idea of potential outcomes but many factors will come into play to determine actual results. No guarantees can therefore be given.

From time to time, Annette will suggest an alternative treatment, therapy or referral to a client. She might also recommend a book, video or other source of relevant information. These recommendations are always based on Annette’s understanding that they might provide valuable help and support and are offered on an informal basis.



Annette will often suggest that a client seeks professional advice from another therapist, practitioner, pharmacist or medical health care provider. It is the responsibility of the client to do so, at his/her own cost, and Annette cannot be held responsible for third party outcomes.

Annette is dedicated to advancing the well-being of her clients and she respects the rights of those persons. She will seek to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that her treatments and therapy are used appropriately. At all times Annette adheres to a professional code of practice.

Information disclosed in any session is confidential and may not be passed on to anyone without written permission from the client. The law requires Annette to observe the following exceptions to client confidentiality: 

1) Where there is suspicion or evidence of child or elder abuse. 

2) Where there is reasonable suspicion that the client presents a danger to him/herself or others. 

3) Where the client is subject to a court order. 

On visiting Annette’s website you may be linked to other websites. Please be aware that these third party sites may collect data over which Annette has no control. No personal data is collected from this website. 

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