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Aromatherapy is growing in popularity. The use of essential oils can be effective in many situations and aid recovery from physical injuries and emotional issues.


I will either choose the right oils for you, or have you select the oils by smelling them first, where your brain will naturally select what is right for you.


Did you know? There is no filter between your nose and brain, hence why an aroma can take you to a memory from long ago within an instant.

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What Annette says about Aromatherapy

I have used essential oils to assist with injury, anxiety, grief, insomnia, depression and even childbirth. More recently it's been a popular treatment to combat the effects of long Covid. 


I often use oils in conjunction with your treatments; a complementary therapy. Sometimes I put a few drops of oil, or a combination of oils, on a tissue for you to inhale during your consultation; for example, if you are suffering with hay fever or recovering from long covid.


Aromatherapy is suitable for most people, if you are taking medication or have a medical condition, oils will be carefully selected to suit. If you are already taking homeopathic remedies some oils will be avoided.

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Annette told me about an oil for hay fever relief. After trying just about everything there is we gave it a go. I’m actually amazed by the results! It worked within a few minutes!

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