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Talking Therapy

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Do you feel like you are drowning in your emotions sometimes? Unable to grasp any control when your emotions overwhelm you? Do you feel you act like a child sometimes, or sulk and cannot stop until the event or day has passed? Do you feel responsible for everything and apologise for so much? Do you feel you're not good enough or someone will show you up? 


Are you in a difficult relationship? Are you being triggered by something? You may feel it is hard to cope with day-to-day tasks. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or backed into a corner. I am here to help. 

I help with anxiety, depression, trauma and more. See Anxiety Therapy page for information about how I help with anxiety.

Trauma is being talked about even more now, it is a fact of life, if can affect someone’s whole life, however, it does not have to. Trauma isn’t just about the big issues in life, it could be little things that happen at a time when you did not have the resources to cope or were unable to process it . You can feel affected even if you were just partially connected to something that happened.


I am certified to work with children, teenagers, adults and I help with anxiety, depression, trauma plus much more. 


Analytical hypnotherapy and or psychotherapy can be used alongside. Sometime it’s called Hypnoanalysis or Psychoanalysis. The great thing about me having many skills is, I can use each where appropriate in each session.


A free fifteen minute consultation is often offered. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and where I can explain how I work and whether this is the right therapy for you. There is no obligation to continue thereafter.

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What to expect during a session

During the sessions, Compassion Focused Therapy is very much the main focus. With space to talk, and time to process your thoughts and emotions, it gives you the opportunity to observe things from a different perspective, giving you a sense of clarity, so you begin to feel more connected, have an overall sense of well-being, thus being able to feel comfortable, being the real you.


Ask you talk, I may ask you a question, this is to help you explore and process something you mentioned, I may  explain something that will help you to process even more. So it's not necessarily an appointment where you talk and I listen. 


"We often spend our childhood learning and our adulthood unlearning, which can give clarity to new learnings”

Art, drawing works well in therapy and can be used if preferable or with younger clients, it’s a great tool for many who feel talking is overwhelming.


I may offer homework to support you in between sessions, which has been welcomed by many clients.

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Remote and Virtual sessions

I see clients from Europe and Australia, and who live some distance away in the UK including those who cannot easily travel. If you would like to discuss how talking therapy or any other therapy I offer might help you, you’re welcome to contact me. I am here to help.

Signs and symptoms of triggers, trauma or feeling overwhelmed

How does Talking Therapy work?

You use your conscious mind, for concentrating on chores, jobs, hobbies etc, this mind helps you to rationalise and solve problems.


However, your unconscious mind is also working at the same time, but very much in the background. For example, as you read thus, your mind may be thinking of things, when you are listening to someone you may be triggered by what they are saying. These natural actions are from your unconscious mind. It is always trying to protect you via a set of learned, automatic behaviors which include emotional reactions and habits. 


The unconscious mind relies on childhood memories and learned behaviors which can obstruct clear thinking years later.  It can be beneficial to have therapy to help you process your learned behaviors, stored memories, re-actions and emotions, so you can act, think and feel as is right for you. 


Talking therapy can help you gain clarity, and can give you lots of tools to help yourself feel in control again.


Rather than talking about the past, talking therapy enables you to work on your reactions and triggers on how they affect you today, as those triggers, drove you to react the way you did due to your past experiences. You cannot go back and change what happened, you can change how you feel about what happened and your unconscious reactions to them.


Annette quite simply took me by the hand and saved me! She guided me along my path of healing and recovery! Her knowledge and understanding of bereavement is outstanding! Her empathy is like no other that I have encountered!

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