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Reiki and Sound Therapy

Reiki and Sound Therapy

Whilst Sound Therapy and Reiki are separate treatments, I prefer to use them together in a session as they complement each other very well.

I prefer to opt for tuning forks as I prefer the vibration rather than sound. the tuning fork is used during the Reiki treatment by either holding above or by being held in specific area, to allow the energy to flow more easily.

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What Annette says about Reiki and Sound Therapy

Having an ability to see *auras from such a young age, I found Reiki a fascinating therapy. Being aware of the energies around, it made sense to me to work with them in this specific way.


During a therapy treatment I balance the energy both within and around the body by placing my hands on or near the client’s body. This clears any blockages he or she may have. Clients often experience a sense of deep relaxation and following the treatment many report a boost to their energy levels. This is believed to help relieve some tension and emotional stress which perhaps means that Reiki is potentially good in helping to work through difficult situations, as quoted by a few clients

This therapy could improve a sense of overall wellbeing and the feeling of being at peace with oneself.


Just like mindfulness and meditation, sound healing has recently become very popular. With the pace of modern life, it’s not surprising people are looking for ways to feel more at peace and calmer.

Reiki Therapy

I am certified to give therapeutic treatments, including Reiki, to those being treated for cancer. This is the most requested treatment with those going through cancer treatments, with me and other therapists around UK. 


*Seeing auras can be for many, a matter of just adjusting how you look at an object, a bit like looking at the Magic Eye images, but in a very different way.


"I feel as if Reiki lifts all my tension and stress away, it like washes it all way, I think I relax more with Reiki than any other treatment." 

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