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Triggerpoint Therapy

Triggerpoint Therapy graphic

Nearly everyone has trigger points. For example: If someone breaks a bone, they often complain it's so much weaker after it's healed. So why is it still weak? It's the same if an area suddenly becomes stiff and or sore, it feels weaker, so why?



Often, during the break, or sudden pain to an area, trigger points can become activated at the same time, but the trigger points are not always treated, leaving the bone or area feeling weaker, often for decades. 


I had a client with shoulder pain. Trigger points were clearly created around her shoulder and arm. It caused restrictions and pain. 

During one appointment, after Bowen treatment, I did trigger point therapy as she stood clothed. She said she could feel the shoulder releasing and felt it radiating around her shoulder and arm, after that, she's been more mobile and comfortable.

Fibromyalgia and trigger points

Pain and trigger points can become amplified with Fibromyalgia, the pain can become unbearable for some, even affecting sleep which affects them the next day and so on. 


Using Bowen and trigger point therapy where appropriate, the gentle treatment, enables the client to relax, enabling the body to respond even better. 


I've seen many clients find their body more mobile and comfortable thus have more energy as a result. 

They often say how nice it is to feel their body releasing as I work on the triggered area. 

​Is Fibromyalgia just trigger points?

No not all at. The body reacts to the first pain, then adjusts in an attempt to ease the second pain, cresting tightness within soft tissue and nerves. 


I do find trigger point and Bowen a great combination due to its gentle touch for those with Fibromyalgia.


I have been seeing Annette for a while now and have benefitted from her Bowen treatments, and recently Trigger Point Therapy as my shoulder had been ‘tight’ and made me wince every time I raised it or turned my arm in a particular way. Annette worked her usual magic, she pin pointed exactly the place that needed to released and keep checking throughout, adjusting where necessary. I could feel the pain in my shoulder release as the therapy radiated around my shoulder joint. Immediately I could raise and twist my arm with no pain at all - just like magic!

I have continued to be pain free for months now. I would (and have) recommend ANY of Annette’s treatments but especially Bowen and Trigger Point Therapy.

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